Fixed Mobile Telecoms Disrupts Again – Challenging Carrier-grade Telecoms Models

Oct 3, 2018 | News


Telecoms innovator and disruptor is challenging traditional expectations of what a carrier-grade network should look and perform like. Built on a future-proof 100GB core, using only equipment from Gartner magic quadrant leaders, every element of the Fixed Mobile Telecoms network is designed to be future-proof, resilient and flexible. This makes it a compelling proposition for enterprises and corporates, through to ISPs and ICT resellers.

“With decades of industry experience behind us, we know that you can’t take shortcuts when it comes to enterprise connectivity,” says Fixed Mobile Telecoms CEO and founder Ed du Plessis. “At our core, Fixed Mobile Telecoms is a First-Tier telecoms service provider. At the outset, we pledged to build a 100GB network from day one, and we succeeded. So we’ve come into the market with capability that will support major scalability for the next five or more years, while at the same time making sure that the technology we use is the best in the market. This, along with our competitive pricing structures and unique modular ‘Lego block’ model, delivers connectivity unlike anything local enterprises have had access to before.”

Fixed Mobile Telecoms uses world-class carrier equipment, including Juniper equipment for the routing layer, Arista for its switching fabric and Palo Alto for cloud security services. All are Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders in their respective categories, and all are geared to support software-defined networking – the essence of Fixed Mobile Telecoms’ next generation network.

The network intelligence resides in the core, with an orchestration and management layer that makes expensive, high-end customer provider edge (CPE) devices obsolete. “The core of the network, with the control plane in the cloud, allows for services to be configured at the core, delivering greater manageability, scalability, flexibility and transparency – not only for us, but also for our customers”, he says.

And thanks to Fixed Mobile Telecoms’ ‘Lego block’ model, there is no need to forklift to upgrade an entire existing customer network – Fixed Mobile Telecoms solutions are designed to easily layer over an existing customer network and migrate in time, thus giving customers the flexibility to ease into a new network design.

“With connectivity at the heart of every enterprise’s operations today, you can’t afford for it not to scale to accommodate your innovations. More so, you can’t afford to have downtime because of a poor tech decision. So we’ve gone for overkill – the best of everything, the most flexible, scalable, future-proof telecoms services available in the market. This class of service has never before been so readily available in South Africa.”

Fixed Mobile Telecoms is a gold sponsor and exhibitor at the MyBroadband Conference & Expo 2018.

Visit their stand at the MyBroadband Conference, stand no 54, to discover how their telecoms innovations can shake up your business.


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