NLD and IP Transit

The way it should be – guaranteed availability, sensible contracts, people you can talk to

We believe ISPs deserve a proactive service that trims red tape, downtime and uncertainty. We believe ISPs should be confident that they have a highly experienced team who backs them up – all the way. That’s why we provide innovative, end-to-end NLD and IP Transit solutions that are easy to engage and easy to consume. With Fixed Mobile’s Carrier solutions you get more options, flexibility and availability from people who know what you need and how to work with you.
Service Delivery


100% guaranteed layer 2 and layer 3 NLD services, IP transit and last mile access services.

Scalable from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.
We enable bandwidth up- or downscaling at any stage within the initial contract term.
Highly resilient architecture and orchestrated solution reroutes active traffic within milliseconds and keeps you and your customers connected.
24 years of experience creating some of the country’s finest service provider networks, including SA’s first broadband satellite Internet service in 1998 and SA’s first Open Access carrier network in 2009.
Qualified, highly experienced and certified engineering talent provide support countrywide.
Proactive fault monitoring, resolution and maintenance, by people who want to help you.
Technical support via our multi-channel contact centre. From Cape Town to Polokwane and everywhere in between, Fixed Mobile has got you and your customers covered.
The Carrier Network
From Cape Town to Polokwane and everywhere in between, Fixed Mobile has got you and your customers covered.
Modular Solutions

NLD Services

IP Transit
Last-mile Access
Voice Trunks and Minutes
Hosting in many Major Data Centres
Intelligent Core
Our intelligent core network leverages analytical insights and orchestration for better resource utilisation in a fully managed service. That means you get better prices, quality experiences and more value.
Optimal Use
From gamers to business cloud users and everyone in between, get better network performance and lower latencies that are enhanced by intelligent traffic engineering and sophisticated network optimisations.
Advanced Maintenance
Skilled engineers share knowledge and experience that helps carriers refine their networks for better customer service delivery. Using commonly accessible channels, we provide direct engineer-to-engineer communications to improve troubleshooting and uptime.