Our Story
Our road to excellence!
“We are not riding the wave, we create the waves”

Some say in order to successfully navigate the road ahead, it is good to understand the path already travelled…and in understanding the path already travelled, it reminds us of some of the basic fundamentals that made us successful during our journey.

From the same team that brought you…


Shaking things up!

We shook things up and brought you the first broadband internet via satellite.


Changing perceptions with fresh thinking

We changed the perception about the industry and introduced a new fresh thinking and another level of service in the corporate ISP market.


Breaking rules!

We turned all the rules upside down and changed the way in which smaller ISPs procured networks and empowered them to compete head-on with the larger providers in order to stimulate growth and innovative thinking.


Disrupting and breaking moulds

We disrupt the status quo again and break the ISP mould with a LEGO®-type modular model allowing us to build completely different and customised solutions for each customer, based on the same underlying standardised network and practices.

“a disruption displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative” -disruption guru Clayton Christensen

As large companies grow and acquire entrepreneurial and innovative companies, we see how true innovation fades. Their objective becomes focussed on profits, financial growth, and own shareholder value, while customer satisfaction and addressing true customer needs are shifted aside. More often than not, their value to their customers wavers over time as they no longer deliver real value. At max their offering “comply”, but seldom moves an industry forward.

It takes an “Uber” moment for an industry to wake up and realise that they have not paid attention to what can be, but only focused on what they have to offer. Their true competitors are not those other big industry leaders, but the innovative companies that appear from their blind spot. It is not good enough to drive the same old strategies anymore or the same bigger targets every year. In the process they forget who they do it for – they forget that we operate in the age of the Customer. This is no different for the Telecoms industry. This very evolved industry has reached a point where we believe the focus has shifted again from what customers want, to what providers like to offer.

The vanilla syndrome kicked in and it is time to shake things up… again. All disruptors are innovators, but not all innovators are disruptors! We don’t disrupt for the sake of shaking up an industry and turning all the rules upside down. We disrupt to create your success. We challenge the status quo because we don’t just accept what is being offered in the market. We continuously look for ways to disrupt the industry and delight our customers and prospects. We are obsessed with innovation. Not just innovation per se but innovating to create desire and amaze.

Our Purpose
We Disrupt to Create!

Our Promise

Expect the Unexpected!

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” –Oscar Wilde

This comment was made by Oscar Wilde in the late 1800’s about the modern intellect. Reading it might leave you feeling a bit confused because it’s clear that his idea of modernity was a little different from ours. Today we control everything from one device and all our devices are connected. Heck, even our fridges tell us when we need to buy milk! In those days people did not have electricity, fridges, IoT…they did not know what it means to live in an always-connected world and be part of an instant gratification culture. For goodness sake, they used buckets as indoor plumbing. So we get why this could be confusing, but some events occurred in the late 1800s that you might not have expected:


The principles behind fiber optics were first presented to the Royal Society when John Tyndal, using a curved stream of water, proved that a light signal could be bent


William Wheeler invented a system of what he called “light pipes,” coated with a highly reflective coating, to send indoor lighting throughout homes from a single light source


The same types of bent glass rods were used to guide light images in the first attempt at an early television.


Medical doctors in Vienna were using similar technology to illuminate body cavities to perform complicated surgeries

Our Purpose
We Disrupt to Create!
“Expecting a sales pitch and presentation during the initial visit? Sorry to disappoint, but we never try to sell to our customers.
We’re “hear” to LISTEN!
During the initial visit, we will spend a tremendous amount of time understanding the strategic direction, how your current environment looks, establishing your REAL needs and identifying YOUR pain-points. If there is no pain, don’t be surprised to hear our common response of “well you clearly have this environment under control, there is nothing for us to do here”.

Our primary goal is not to sell products or services at all cost, our primary goal is to solve a business problem whilst offering an experience, those A-HA moments that you crave for and thrive on!

What we do however “sell” is personal relationships built on trust. We do what we do because we are passionate and we have fun doing it! Our passion and positivity are contagious, and you will see it, feel it and love it. It is in the air around us and it follows us everywhere we go.

Okay, I hear what you are saying, “this sounds all too good to be true”! No, actually not. It’s actually quite simple, it’s about getting the basics right and being disciplined in all that we do. Note-taking and documentation is done in detail. There is always an up to date network diagram, easily accessible, and we pride ourselves in comprehensive proposals that details our understanding of your needs, effectively covering your unique requirements, and how the Fixed Mobile Telecoms solution would address your business needs. We define ourselves by our customer’s needs and understand that they may change at any time, so being flexible is at the heart of our values which means no fixed contract terms when it comes to bandwidth for access services like Internet MPLS/VPN, and Layer 2.

In case you didn’t read everything, please read this:

We exist to solve for our customers!
Everything we do starts and ends with our customer!
That’s why we constantly challenge the status quo.
We always offer an alternative. We bring new thinking. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach”.
We are excellent at problem-solving and we are obsessed with our customer’s success!