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Mar 16, 2020 | News

Mobilize your workforce and enable them to work effectively from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

Securely connect your remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa Earlier tonight, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on South Africa’s plan to address and manage the Coronavirus outbreak. If you missed it, click on the following link to listen to his speech 

As South Africans, we are facing a national state of disaster with all the economic and social implications it brings. At Fixed Mobile Telecoms we take the message of the President seriously and we aim to provide businesses that need our help with the tools and solutions it requires to operate amidst times of great uncertainty. We understand that the people in your employ is your greatest concern and your business’s biggest asset, and therefore we have designed solutions specifically with you and your needs in mind.

Companies across South Africa are forced to enter unknown territories and apply different ways of thinking in these times of uncertainty and possible economic downturn, resulting them at looking to scale remote work options for their employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. We appreciate that the first step in doing this is to ensure safe, secure and rapid connectivity to the applications they use to perform their everyday duties. That being said, we understand from our customers that the biggest concern businesses face is how do this at a whole new level of scale.

This is where Fixed Mobile Telecoms comes in! Digital Fortress, our Cyber Security solution, underpinned by our global partner Palo Alto Networks, offers a number of ready-to-implement solutions to help you secure your remote workforce. Our solutions include a next generation firewall protection solution designed to support the always-on, secure access for our existing next-gen firewall customers, as well as a solution for non-existing customers providing the necessary capacity for remote workers without the need to deploy new infrastructure. The latter, a cloud solution, offers the same security functionality as our next-gen firewalls. It scales automatically to provide the needed capacity for your remote workers, but without the need to deploy new infrastructure.

This means that you can maintain business continuity, because as the situation changes, our solution will auto-scale to wherever capacity is needed. Connectivity via the firewall is enabled through a multi network mobile solution enabling remote users to connect privately to their corporate networks. Time is of the essence and we assure you that our commitment is to support you in any way possible to help you deploy your secure mobile workforce seamlessly, securely and effectively. We also take the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners seriously, and if the time comes that we need to work remotely, we will continue to be available to you, sticking to our promise that every CIO deserves a peaceful night!

Don’t panic, talk to us about a remote working solution that works for you! We’re obsessed with your success and we hear to listen.

Contact us via email at or telephonically at +27 10 045 0350

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